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Since being appointed to the School Board in 2019, I have been honored to partner in our school district's innovative work resulting in boosting our high graduation rates to an all-time high of 90.2%, expanding technology access, and building a wide variety of supportive services ensuring that all of our students have an equal opportunity to succeed.

However, these past 3 years have also brought tremendous challenges.  As our society struggled under the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked to adapt quickly and shift district resources to support remote learning by purchasing laptops for every student and providing training and tech support for our students, families, and staff. In addition, we created Tacoma Online (TOL), an entirely new K-12 school for those students and their families who opt for online learning.  

In 2021, we launched our partnership with Metro Parks Tacoma and Greentrike to provide low/no cost after school extended learning opportunities at each of our 36 elementary schools (Beyond the Bell) and 12 middle schools (Club Beyond) from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm during the school year.  The programs have expanded in scope and program content this school year and our success resulted in Mackenzie Scott's foundation donating $18 million dollars to provide core support for these programs over the next 10 years.

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Looking toward the future, we must continue to focus on the social-emotional learning and mental health needs of our students.  The pandemic limitations have created an emotional burden for everyone, and we are committed to meeting students where they are as we re-define and re-establish the normal routine and curriculum of our schools.

Through all of this, I remain inspired by the ambition, resilience, and character of our students, the patience and support of our families, and the dedication of our staff.  

I am looking forward to building a better future for all our students, and I ask for your vote to help me continue this work.

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